Mutton Biryani
Cook 400 gms of Basmati Rice till ¾ done. Make 500 gms Mutton Keema add seasoning and a pinch of Javithri and Elaichi powder to it. Add 4 eggs and rub thoroughly. Make into small olive sized balls and keep aside. Temper 1 gm each of cloves cardamom green, cinnamon (all whole), add 200 gms sliced onions. Brown them. Add 40 gms ginger garlic paste, beaten yoghurt (200 gms). 12 Chicken pieces (700 gms) and sauté for a while. Check seasoning and add 10 gms Red chille powder. Salt to taste, add water, 150 gms Cream and few drops of Kewra. Take out some gravy, add water and cook the mutton balls gently over slow fire. Now add half cooked rice to the chicken. Put on ‘dum’ along with mutton balls over slow fire. Add a little saffron. Garnish with chopped coriander.
Soak 500 gms Basmati rice for1/2 an hour, boil the rice ¾ in Cardamom and Clove flavored water. (Also flavored with Kewra and Saffron) Don’t over cook Drain and sprinkle cold water on top so that it cools and separates. Temper this half cooked rice in a hard bottomed vessel. Sprinkle 500gms Sugar and 200 gms khoya on top. Temper with 5 cloves and 200 gms hot ghee. Put to ‘Dum’ for 10-15 mints remove the cover. Garnish with Verk and small dumplings of multicolored Gulabjamuns. Serve Hot.
Chicken Biryani
Chop 10 gms Onions Place 4 green pepper under grill plunge into cold water and rub off skin. Discard the seeds and cut pepper into thin strips. Peel 25 gms tomatoes remove seeds and chop. Cut 300 gms chicken into pieces and dice 125 gms meat. Heat 2 tblsp oil and brown the chicken and meat for 10 mins remove. Ad 1 tbslp of ghee to the pan fry onion and 1 crushed garlic briefly. Remove garlic as soon as it begins to brown. When onions begin to brown, add tomatoes. Add salt to taste and cook over high heat for 10mins Place 5 scrubbed mussels in pan. Cover and cook over high heat for 5 mins until shells open. Place chicken, meat and bay leaf in another pan with 500 ml stock simmer for 15 mins Cook 100 gms Prawns in boiling salted water for 3 mins Drain. Heat 3 tblsp ghee in a large pan and brown 125 gms Basmati rice.
Gradually stir in the cooking liquid meat the strips of pepper and 125 gms shelled peas and cook until rice is tender. Dissolve ¼ th saffron in warm water and stir into the rice Stir in the remaining ingredients Mix well and place in hot oven for 5 mins before serving.