Rice is our primary product of export. We are exporting Rice worldwide; Middle East, Europe, Canada, U.S.A, Africa and Far East.

Rice is the most important and extensively grown food crop in the world. It is the staple food of more than 60 percent of the world population and will remain as lifeline for the people in Asia and Pacific regions where 90% of it is produced and consumed. India has the largest area under rice in the world and ranks second in the production after China. India has also emerged as a major rice consumer.

Milled in state-of-art plant, the truly superior product is the hot favorite of the connoisseurs of good food, across the globe. Our product variants are available in all packaging sizes from 1kg to 50kgs. Customized packaging orders are also entertained.
The word "Basmati" means "the fragrant one" in Hindi and is rightly considered by rice lovers around the world to be the Prince Of Rice, among 1400 varieties of rice available in the world.

Basmati has a fine aromatic flavor and the grains are long and slender. The grain is aged for a certain period of time to enhance its distinctive aroma. Basmati is excellent in almost any savory rice dish and is perfect for countless rice recipes across the globe. It is a food that feeds half the population of the world.
  • Basmati Raw/Milled/White Rice
  • Basmati Parboiled/Cream Rice
  • Basmati Brown Rice
  • Organic Basmati Rice
  • Basmati Parboiled Golden Rice
  • Basmati Steam Rice

Basmati Rice exported from our warehouse is fully sortexed & single/double polished (as per customer’s need).

  • Indian Long/Medium/Short Grain White Raw Rice
  • Indian Long/Medium/Short Grain Parboiled Rice
  • Indian Long/Medium/Short Grain Parboiled Golden Rice
  • Indian Long/Medium/Short Grain Brown Rice
  • Indian Long/Medium/Short Grain Organic Rice
  • Indian Long/Medium/Short Grain Steam Rice
All the Non-Basmati exported from our warehouse is 100% sortexed /unsortexed, 5% to 100% broken & single/double polished (as per customer’s need).
  • P.P. Bags.
  • H.D.P.E. Bags.
  • New Jute Bags.
  • Non-woven Bags.
  • Standing Pouch
  • Jar Packing.
  • Block Bottom Bags are available as per the customer requirements.
We sell all the products in our Brand Name. However, we also sell as per the buyers’ brand name and requirements.
We maintain a large inventory so that we give our buyers a timely delivery. We have adequate storing space available with in-house container stuffing facilities.