State of the art industrial plant by internationally acclaimed Buhler, which has further contributed to our belief, that quality begins on the inside and works its way outside. This technologically advanced processing plant has mechanized rice processing, procedures used for different stages like de-moisturizing; temperature controlled drying, cleaning, de-husking, de-stoning, polishing, sorting and grading. Every stage conforms to international standards and the guidelines of process control are meticulously adhered to, so as to ensure uniformity of grains without destroying fragrance, aroma and quality of grain.

The plant is equipped with most modern and advanced Pre-cleaners, De-stoners, Precision-Sizers, Graders, Paddy Separators, De-huskers for milling the rice grains. Top of the line equipments like Lab Kett Meters, Lab De-huskers, Electronic Vernier Calipers, Precision Electronic Weighing Scales, Paddy Separator, Lab-polishers do the needful for discerning top quality of paddy before it is put on the processing line.

"Finest Grain from the Finest Land"
The rice is passed through a series of color sorters and multi sorters to sort rice from glasses, plastic granules, foreign material, dust material, damaged rice, discolored and unwanted grain. This whole procedure of milling & grueling leads to zero-error precision.

The next step involves polishing of rice - and it is the type of polishing that determines the quality of rice. For example, double-polish, silky polish or regular polish gives rice grains a cleaner, brighter and shiny look. This is followed by the drainage of water and after that rice is carefully steam dried. The dried rice is passed through machines, which removes the hull and then polishes the kernels.

We, at our plant, ensure that each grain is perfect and each process is carried out under supervision of our competent and trained manpower.
At P.K. Overseas (P) Ltd. we follow a rigorous quality check, right from the procurement of material to the packaging of the final product. A highly qualified and dedicated team of professionals ensure an unobstructed flow of goods and services according to the needs of the buyer. No effort is spared to ensure that the rice that leaves the plant/factory premises is of best quality and fully protected against possible hazards during its journey before it reaches the buyer.

The manufacturing and processing facility is ideally located on Delhi on G.T. Karnal Road. The strategic location of plant ensures expeditious transportation of harvested paddy from specially identified collection centers across paddy growing belt of Northern India, thus minimizing transit damage to the grain of rice.

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